RALLYE DX III-H/M ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is the most widely used ATF in RALLYE's array of high-quality automatic transmission fluids. Designed and recommended for use in most new automatic transmissions throughout the world. DX III-H/M ATF is an excellent product for use in new and older automatic transmissions. This high quality fluid meets or exceeds the requirements for G.M.6297-M and Ford M2C185A. This product is ideal for certain manual transmissions and may be used wherever DexronÆ III H, DexronÆ III, DexronÆ II-E, DexronÆ II-D, DexronÆ II, DexronÆ, Type A, Type A Suffix A, Allison C-3, C-4, and Caterpillar TO-2 fluids are called for. This product may be used wherever Ford "CJ" & "H" fluids are recommended including M2C138-CJ, and M2C166-H. Additionally, for hydraulic applications that call for quality without zinc, DX III-H/M ATF is an excellent premium quality anti-wear hydraulic fluid and works well in any hydraulic oil application, including power steering systems. RALLYE DX III-H/M ATF may be used in certain mobile equipment used by utility companies that require hydraulic oils with electrical insulating properties.

Rallye DX III-H/M ATF 704-32836-56 12/1 Qt.
Rallye DX III-H/M ATF 704-32837-36 4/1 Gal.
Rallye DX III-H/M ATF 704-32834-25 5 Gal.
Rallye DX III-H/M ATF 704-32833-05 55 Gal.

Consult your Rallye District Manager for additional information & product availability.


Rallye DX III-H/M ATF Gallon
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